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My Lovecraftian Relationship

When did you first discover Lovecraft?
I guess it was 2012. I have started to watch the BBC Sherlock series and did a little research on "The Hound of Baskerville". That's when I found out, that there was a writer who did a 'poem' called "The Hound" which was the first story I read written by Lovecraft.

What got you reading Lovecraft after you discovered it? What kept you reading?
Actually after some more research I have noticed, that there was A LOT of popular culture, which referred to many elements of Lovcraft's works. So this was basically my motivation to keep on reading. So I kept looking for (and easily found) other short stories on the net. The English is a little difficult though, so I bought my first book in German and in contained "The Best Of Lovecraft" so those stories were verrrrry well written, so I kept buying stuff.

What element of Lovecraft’s writing is so appealing to you? Why?
I guess it is how he perceives the world. It's not a writing-style but rather the thoughts behind his "world-concept". The greatest thing I have experienced reading his works is actually, that he showed me a way of thinking/looking at the world around me, that I haven't even thought of before. If I had to name the element, which is appealing to me, I'd say it is the philosophy.

What’s your favorite story by Lovecraft and why?
For a looong time it was "The Color Out Of Space", because I just loved the idea of something unimaginable. Also this story reminded me of Junji Ito's environments. I always felt like I was in one of his stories, reading The Color (which is not surprising, because Junji Ito was inspired by Lovecraft himself).
But right now it is "The Silver Key" only because it has the most philosophical thoughts to it and shows a lot of Lovecraft's universe.

What’s your least favorite story by Lovecraft and why?
I don't think I really have one. But I remember I was a little bored while I read "The Alchemist". I guess because this was one of the first stories i have red and I read it in English and it contained just sooo many names (which I am rather bad with especially in books).

What is your favorite character in the Cthulhu mythos? (creature, protagonist, the meteorite from Color Out of Space, etc.)
"The meteorite from the Color Out of Space" is a good one, actually I really did like it, but I never thought of it as a character. I'd proobably choose either Randolph Carter from "The Silver Key" or the protagonist (couldn't find his name sorry) from "The Shadow Over Innsmouth", who was really cool. This was definetly the most exciting story I've read so far.

If you could see any of his stories converted to a different medium (play, movie, mini series, video game, etc.) which one would you like to see? Why that story? (Keep it mind it’d be a faithful adaption.) Also, who would you put in charge of making it and why?
Actually I can imagine almost all his stories made into video games, they all have this "explorer"(by which I do not mean INTERNET EXPLORER..duh) theme to them and that's basically what many RPGs are made for: to explore the world/setting. I also think this way you can get the most out of the animation/creepy feeling. I'd love to see "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" or "The Dunwich Horror" made into a movie adaption, I believe it IS possible to create those things well with todays movie-technology.
I myself have read/seen/played a lot of different mediums based on Lovecraft's works. Personally I think that comics fit the stories best but I haven't given up hope on the computergames yet.

(Questions stolen from eheheh)

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