Montag, 5. Januar 2015

Project 365

I actually wanted to do this in Japanese on my .. Japanese blog, but as I am not able to get to my profiledata atm I have to move this there another time. So I am just going to start with my first 5 days in English. Fair enough.

First of all, I heard of this 'Project' from Lea, who did this in, uh 2012 or something. I have finally decided to do this, since I have enough time and not enough talent in completing such things as you could probably see with all my unfinished 30-day-challenges, but don't even go there.
It's quite simple, I will just post a photo every day in 2015 and see where this year will lead me, there  are some exciting things planned uuuh~ I will also comment shortly, that's why this would make much more sense for me in Japanese but oh well.