Montag, 5. Januar 2015

Project 365

I actually wanted to do this in Japanese on my .. Japanese blog, but as I am not able to get to my profiledata atm I have to move this there another time. So I am just going to start with my first 5 days in English. Fair enough.

First of all, I heard of this 'Project' from Lea, who did this in, uh 2012 or something. I have finally decided to do this, since I have enough time and not enough talent in completing such things as you could probably see with all my unfinished 30-day-challenges, but don't even go there.
It's quite simple, I will just post a photo every day in 2015 and see where this year will lead me, there  are some exciting things planned uuuh~ I will also comment shortly, that's why this would make much more sense for me in Japanese but oh well.

Thursday: 1. January 2015
2015's first day and we got back from Holland, got into EXODUS, which was a pretty good first movie, i guess.  I had just a great start with my dearest friends into the new year.

Friday: 2. January 2015
Home Sweet Home. I did a lot of housework in my flat - it should be sparkling by now. My parents and our visitors came by and we got through 'my' city. It was lovely to spend the day with my family, eventhough I was amazingly tired from partying 3 days straight the days before.
Saturday: 3. January 2015
Yes! That's a selfie, I will try to keep this my only one, but can't promise anything. I decided on this, because I started doing sports again, and got things sorted out for myself. Also, I got my father and brother into "The Newsroom" - they got so into it, that they kept watching it without me. Hell yes.
Saturday: 4. January 2015
Since our guests and my mom are gone to visit Paris, my Dad, Bro and I decided to have a good time, playing tennis heh! Actually this day was packed with other cool stuff, too. I ate cake the whole day, so the sports didn't really pay off.. howwwever, I got to see a great friend, went to my grandparent's to play our favourite cardgame 'Durak', we watched a Russian movie, and ate 'Pelmeni' - I felt like a child again ;w; The evening was perfected by playing 'Civilization V' with Pat and Evu - with whom I've actually never skyped before. Eventhough I HATE phoning with people (in general) it was quiet relaxing. =w=b I hope to repeat that soon pls ~
Monday: 5. January 2015
Ahh today I did 'Okonomiyaki' once again. This time for my guests, just to show them, that Japanese food isn't always sushi and other fish. And they liked it WHOHOO! Also this was the first time I did it without instructions. So proud! University started but our first lecture was pretty boring.. well at least I has an interesting discussion about the new GitS-Movie on Twitter! (Oh, yes, I also finally started this challenge!)

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