Montag, 2. November 2015


It has been quite a while i guess but I'm still alive and kickin'! 
As for myself, I started a little challenge for myself, inspired by self-actualization. Actually I did not intend to "cure perfectionism", because I don't think, I am a very perfectionistic person. I am rather a little too sloppy to be honest, but there was a point that got me curious, which is criticizing everything and anyone around you. Being non-judgemental is a very dear topic to me as objectivity and self-improvement in general. I have noticed, that people are constantly complaining about strangers or their own surroundings, which is upsetting me in the process. Of course, I am not excluded, I also complain about too many trivia therefore this also is pissing myself off. So this challenge is a very good start, to control that - or so I thought
It's been a week now. I have to tweak myself with the hair tie around my wrist, whenever I think something criticizing or judgemental about people, subjects or situations in general. And when I am alone it goes quite well. All in all it is helping to focus more on my way of persuing things. It is failing, when I am with others though. Quiet a pity but I just can't bring myself to concentrate on that, even if I am criticizing with others aloud. Also, it's kind of embarassing to tweak myself while I am talking to someone..
I am quiet in a dilemma with myself when talking/complaining about politics. Even with analytical intentions you always tend to deform reality to your own satisfaction.

Now that I think about it, this is probably the most important thing I realized so far. Reality is deformed as soon as you try to complain about it, or criticize the status quo, instead one should probably focus on actively changing the situation or going with it until you can chang it. The thinking and talking itself won't actually do anything.
But those thoughts or discussions with friends (and maybe yourself who knows) are an impulse on changing something for the better. And you have to thing things through to not make the situation worse. I guess here, once again, the most important thing is to moderate the amount of time you invest in criticizing and actually acting upon a problem. And to understand the difference between actual (whiny) complaining and actual criticizing (as impartial as possible).

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